Cubie Large Acrylic Makeup Organizer

I’m a total makeup addict and I have so much but I’ve never actually bought a makeup organizer, I don’t know why! I have those travel cases that hang on the wall, I have makeup caddies/kaboodles that almost never get used anymore, and I have those plastic drawers you get at Walmart. I’ve always wanted an acrylic organizer so I was SO excited when Cubie offered to send me this for a discounted price to try out and review! It came nicely packaged and nothing was damaged, so that was good. I was worried this would be thin and flimsy but it’s actually pretty thick and sturdy! It comes in two pieces which I really like because you can mix and match pieces that way. I was also thinking it would be kind of cool to put the two pieces size by side & put some skincare items on top of the flat piece, I haven’t figured it out yet. Anyway, I immediately started putting my makeup in it. I thought I was going to have to choose only my every day, most used products but I was surprised by how much fit in here! As you can see in the pictures I have about five mascaras and a bunch of my favorite foundations. And the drawers fit a lot more than I thought too so I’m really happy with the size! So far I really love this organizer. It looks great on my counter, I love how much it fits, and I like being able to see my makeup through the acrylic!! Highly recommend!!

Purchase it here for $39.95:


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