LINDA-21 Simple, Sleek Ankle Bootie from ZOOSHOO

OH MY GOD!!! When they offered to send me these shoes for a discount to try out and review I was excited but I had no idea how much I was going to love them!! I’ve been wanting a pair of these ever since I saw Kim Kardashian wearing something similar this year. I think hers were Yeezy’s but these are much more affordable and look just as great! They came nicely packaged and they weren’t damaged at all which is always good. Some amazon sellers just throw shoes into a bag or packing box but thus had paper all around it and was actually in a shoe box. They look and feel very well made so I’m excited about that. I fiddled with the zipper to test it out and it doesn’t seem like it will bend or break like a lot of other affordable shoe zippers. They were a bit snug for me but depending on the shoe I’m either a 9 or a 9 1/2 so that’s not the shoe’s fault. I’m usually a 9 so I always do that if I’m ordering online and can’t try them on first. So if you’re like me, size up a little bit! The shoes still fit and they’re not uncomfortably tight, they’re just a lot easier to slide my foot in when I have nylons or thin socks on. They’re SO comfortable to walk in!! I’m a baby about heels so I was worried but I think the chunkier sized heel makes it more comfortable to stand and walk. Overall I am 100% pleased with the shoes, so happy to own them. Can’t WAIT to wear these all winter. Highly recommend!!


Purchase them on or here for $32.90:


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