Beauty Army Kit (subscription box)

You guys, I am SO excited right now because Beauty Army sent me one of their boxes to try out!! If you haven’t heard of Beauty Army it’s kind of like one of those subscription boxes but you can choose whether or not you want to buy the box each month. It’s only $12 a box which I feel is such a good deal because that mascara that came in my box alone is normally half the price of the box and you get SIX items. The best part is they have a bunch of items you can get in your box each month so YOU get to choose what comes in your box!! And it’s not just makeup, either! They have skincare, nail care, hair care, etc. You can also just do your regular beauty shopping on their website, too, if you want the full size version of something that came in your box as a sample. I’m really excited about all of the stuff I picked out & I can’t wait to try it. đź’š


If you’re interested, you can order your box at


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