Swissvita Facial Cleanser with AC-11

I am officially 100% in love with Swissvita and everything they make!! This is the third skincare product they’ve sent me for free to try out and this one might be my favorite so far! For starters the packaging is very sleek and modern, I love it. It’s a cream cleanser, which I’ve never heard of so I was worried about that. It was thick and creamy but it lathered up so nicely! It was also unscented which I appreciate so much and it didn’t irritate my skin at all. But the best part is it removed my makeup SO easily and it somehow sucked up ALL the oil from my skin without stripping it! That’s really important to me in a cleanser because I have extremely oily skin and if a cleanser can’t remove all the oil I end up so shiny at the end of the day. But on the other hand, of it completely strip my skin of all oils my skin ends up producing WAY more oil than normal to make up for that and I end up looking super shiny too. After using the cleanser this morning my skin has been oil-free all day long which is unbelievable!! I haven’t been using this product for a few weeks yet (I’ll come back and update with a before & after photo when I have) so I’m not yet able to see the full effects or find out how my skin will react to it but so far I’m loving it so much and I feel like this is going to be my new favorite cleanser!!


Purchase it here for $39.99:


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