Valentia Fresh Mist Calming Toner

I just received this toner for free for review and I absolutely love it! I’ve been using it for a couple days now because I wanted to give my skin time to react to it and so far my skin hasn’t had any negative reactions. The packaging is very nice and feels high end which I appreciate. The spray bottle sprays a super fine mist that doesn’t shock you when it squirts out and makes it easy to evenly spritz your face. I really like that because a lot of facial sprays have terrible misters and I have to put the product into a not her bottle but not with this one! The scent is a bit strong but it’s nice. Not like anything I’ve ever smelled before. Very earthy and natural. I think the strongest smells are the geranium and the witch hazel so if you like those scents you’ll love this! As for the actual product, I like it a lot so far! It’s gentle and calming and doesn’t completely strip my face leaving it tight and dry but it still removes just as much dirt and oil as the toners I regularly use. This is my first spray on toner and I really live how easy and refreshing it is! I’m really interested in trying more products from Valentia now because I’ve really enjoyed this one and I highly recommend it!

Purchase it here for $34.99:


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