WearMe Pro – Retro Unisex Round Mirrored Sunglasses

I thought these glasses were kind of cute when WearMe Pro offered to send them to me for free to try out but the minute I opened the package I literally turned into the heart eyes emoji. They’re so cute and fun and they match my personality and style PERFECTLY. I immediately ran out to the store and bought an orangey red lipstick to match these glasses and I’ve been wearing this look for two days straight now, haha. As for the quality, I think they’re very well made for the price! They’re made out of plastic but so are most glasses under $30 so that’s to be expected. They don’t feel super flimsy or anything, I’ve bought sunnies from Target that were more expensive and not made as well as these so I think this is a really great deal. Also they came with a cute little turquoise pouch to keep them in which I really appreciate. I DEFINITELY want to try out more from this brand and highly recommend these to anyone!!


Purchase them here for $29.99:



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