Fittest Pro Ultimate 3-in-1 Fitness Package

I just got this set a few days ago and I’m really impressed so far! My brother is building a home gym in his garage and we’ve been collecting things for the gym for awhile now. He just got a nice weight set and needed something like this. It came on time, very nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. You never know what to expect from Amazon so I was worried these might be thin and cheap but they’re not at all! The straps are very thick and durable, the pads fit securely and are very comfortable and easy to out on and take off. The velcro on the wrist wraps is really good, too. It takes a bit of effort to remove them which I appreciate because that means they’re going to stay on securely and do their job well. My brother and I are both EXTREMELY happy with this set and I would definitely recommend it!

Purchase the whole set on Amazon for $13.95:


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