Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Headset by Aulker

I’ve talked about Aulker headphones before and I’m sure I’ll talk about them again because I ALWAYS love them! They sent me this pair the other day and I have a pair almost exactly like it. If you want to read that review, click here. These headphones are both amazing! They came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. It said on their Amazon page that they’re compatible with both Iphone and Android devices and these worked great on my phone and my tablet so they should be compatible for you aswell! They also say they’re “sport” headphones and while they are really great for working out because they go over-the-ear and don’t fall out easily, they work just as well as regular headphones or car headphones. Super sturdy, sleek, fit comfortably, and they have good sound quality too!


They’re regularly priced at $54.99 but you can purchase them on Amazon for a limited time for only $21.99:



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