Natural Arabica Coffee Body Scrub by New York Biology

New York Biology sent me this coffee scrub to try out a couple weeks ago and I’ve really been liking it! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looks exactly like the pictures online. It smells like a true coffee scrub too, so that’s awesome. It doesn’t smell artificial at all, almost like a DIY coffee scrub but definitely more exfoliating. It’s a bit dryer than I would like my scrub to be, however, you waste a bit because it has a hard time clinging to your skin when you start rubbing it in. You could probably add in a bit of coconut oil to the jar and solve that problem, though. Make sure to shake it up too! When it arrives all of the oil will be settled into one side of the container. In my case, it was the bottom so I just flipped it upside down and let it sit like that for ten minutes before I used it. I would advise you to use it in the shower because it’s messy just like any other scrub! Plus you have to wash it off with water when you’re done anyway so it just makes sense, make sure the shower isn’t running while you use it though! You should be wet but the water will wash everything away and I like to scrub for at least two minutes (usually five) before I wash it off! All in all, I really like this scrub! It says it’s good for restoring skin cells and diminishing stretch marks, cellulite, vericose veins, etc. Obviously I haven’t been using it long enough to see a noticable difference but it’s a really great exfoliating scrub regardless so I’m very happy with it!


The scrub is normally priced at $16.95 but you can purchase it on Amazon for a limited time for only $14.95:


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