Royal Locks Curly Hair Shampoo & Conditioner Set

When Royal Locks offered to send me this set for free I was so excited because both me and my niece have curly/wavy hair and we’re always looking for good products to help our hair look cute without having to straighten it. I love the packaging of these products, first off. They look and feel so luxurious, like professional hair care products. The pump works great, which I appreciate. The products both smell AMAZING which is probably my favorite thing about them. We both tried these out and they worked great for our hair, more for hers. Mine isn’t as curly as hers so hers came out better. This product really defines the curls and doesn’t weigh them down at all or leave your hair feeling greasy. I have more wavy hair than curly and my waves have definitely responded to this! So far we’re both really loving it and we would highly recommend to all curly haired girls out there!

You can purchase this set on Amazon for $38.oo:


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