Swissvita Dark Spot Corrector (Batch 5)

Just got this dark spot corrector week or two ago and it came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. This is my fifth or sixth Swissvita skincare product and I’ve never been let down before so it was no wonder that I liked this product as well! The tube is pretty good quality, very thick and shows how much of the product you’ve used because it flattens out where the product used to be. It’s one of those tubes that goes completely flat when the product is gone, it doesn’t retain it’s original shape and I appreciate that because you can get an accurate idea of how much product you’ve got left. The product consistency itself is thick but not too thick. It spreads out evenly and easily and absorbs pretty quickly without leaving your skin feeling greasy or dry. There doesn’t seem to be a scent to me, if there is one I can’t detect it. I haven’t been using it long enough to experience any dramatic results but it seems promising! I’m loving it so far! Leave a comment if you’d like me to update you on my thoughts after I’ve been using it long enough to see the long term effects!


You can purchase it on Amazon here:


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