3 Piece Ceramic Knife Set from Chefs Limited

Chefs Limited sent me this ceramic knife set for free to try out and I’m loving them! I already have quite a few Chefs Limited products so I knew I was going to love these as much as I love my other products. They came on time, VERY nicely packaged, and looked exactly like they did online. Before I say anything, I want to talk about the packaging. They came in the most beautiful black gift box. I almost thought I was going to find jewelry inside, haha. I love it when companies include nice packaging like this, though so thank you Chefs Limited!


The knifes themselves are super well made, high quality knives. They’re incredibly sharp so be careful with them if you buy them, but they’re sharp enough to cut everything I’ve tried using them with! I’ve been using them for about a week now and I haven’t found a single problem with them yet! I absolutely love them and HIGHLY recommend them!


You can find them on Amazon for only $29.99:



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