Unique Daily Planner from The Simple Elephant

I’ve been using this daily planner I got for free to try out from The Simple Elephant for about two weeks now and I’m OBSESSED. It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. The packaging is gorgeous. It comes in it’s own black box that fits the planner snugly. It looks like an expensive necklace box, it’s so nice. The planner is also very well made, very high quality. I was definitely impressed. It’s like a blue leather book with blue ribbons that hang down to keep your place. The pages are a night white, thick paper too so you don’t have to be too delicate with it or worry about ink bleeding to the other side and making it look messy. It also includes a set of stickers to use inside the planner which I love!

It has a lot of different sections, which I really appreciate. It makes it so much easier to keep your tasks more organized which helps you save time in your life. It’s got a section for your vision, road map, your focuses. It has a regular calendar set up AND an individual day of the week set up. It even includes a bunch of blank lined pages in the back to take notes! I love this planner so much, I’m going to be so sad when I use it up!

You can purchase this planner at the PaperCode website here: http://www.papercode.me


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