Ahal Facial Detox Kit

When Ahal offered to send me their facial detox kit for free to try out and tell you guys about I was SO excited because it looks so nice! I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover but look how beautiful the packaging is on all of these products! They came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures on their website so I was pleased about that. The box (pictured below) had instructions on how to use the kit effectively as does each individual package which is really convenient and everything seemed like really sturdy, well made products.


The first step is the goat’s milk bar soap. I was hesitant to use a bar soap on my face because they’re usually very harsh and strip my skin which I hate. This one, however, wasn’t like that. It’s a natural, brown color so it seems like no artificial dyes were put into the product which I greatly appreciate. It smelled really good, very natural and earthy. Not too strong of a scent either, which I appreciate. It lathered nicely and left my skin feeling very clean but not stripped. The mask/scrub smells AMAZING. It has my favorite scent of the bunch. It smells like some sort of mix of essential oils which makes sense when you read the ingredients. It works wonderfully as a scrub so I’m really happy about that! Most scrubs are either too harsh or too mild but this was somewhere in between, similar to the apricot scrubs you can get in stores. I love that this is a scrub and mask in one because it eliminates a whole step from my routine and makes things a lot easier. It is kind of a black or dark brown color and it feels like nothing on the skin so it shouldn’t irritate you to leave it on for the full 5 minutes. It was easy to wash off, which is great, and my skin felt great afterwords. The serum was my favorite step! It smells faintly of sunflower seeds in my opinion, kind of nutty. I like it, but that’s not why I’m obsessed. The serum was thick, almost like an oil and I was worried it might be bad for my oily skin but it wasn’t. It applies easily, blended out like a dream and left my skin feeling SO soft and moisturized! I literally walked around and made everyone feel my face afterwards because it was so unbelievable. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this set, thank you so much to Ahal for sending it to me!! tumblr_oi99p6KC3C1vmv8mbo3_1280.jpg

In addition, they’re having a 20 – 25% OFF sale on all store items through the month of December AND they’ve kindly offered us an extra 10% OFF discount code! Our code is ‘DeCima’ so be sure to use it at checkout!!



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