Just got these chalk board markers and I’m so happy with them! They came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. I’ve never used chalk board markers so I wasn’t sure what to expect but they work really well, definitely exceeded my expectations. They look just like regular chalk but there’s no mess involved and they’re just as easy to wipe away so I’m SUPER happy with them! When I got these markers I was so surprised when the chalkboard labels fell out! I guess I didn’t read the order well enough because I had no idea they were coming but I’m really happy they did because I’ve been wanting a set of these for so long! They’re so great for labeling stuff in the kitchen because they’re erasable. Plus they just look so cute! I just got a chalkboard calendar in the mail from this same company too so I’m really excited to be using this whole set! I would definitely recommend these to anyone, especially someone with kids because I feel like these would be so fun for them!

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