CakCity Quartz and Polyurethane Watches

I already have three other watches from CakCity that I love so I assumed these would be the same quality and they definitely are, I love them. They came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online as usual. They each come in a nice brown box that’s made for a watch so when you open it, they’re on display and the band is wrapped around the cardboard so it doesn’t lose its shape. They seem like they’re very nice quality, not flimsy at all so I’m not afraid of them breaking.


I’m not sure what material the bands are made out of but they both feel the same, I think they’re polyurethane. I’ve been testing them both out for a few weeks now and they don’t seem to be fading or leaving any stains on my wrist, which I obviously really appreciate in a watch. I absolutely love these watches so far and I would highly recommend them!!

You can purchase both of them on Amazon below:




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