Techno Single Torch Slanted Jet Flame Lighter

Techno just sent me this super cute pink torch lighter and I’ve been using it non-stop.  It comes in a few different colors but I chose the pink one because I think it’s the cutest. Y’all should know that any time pink is in the color options I’m choosing pink every time, lol. It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. It seems like it’s a good quality lighter made out of durable materials. It doesn’t feel like the type of lighter that’s going to fall apart in a week or two which I obviously really appreciate. I love torch lighters this time of year too because in the winter it’s SO hard to light a cigarette when the wind keeps blowing out the flame so I’m super happy about it and would DEFINITELY recommend it!

You can find it on Amazon below:


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