Alisten Bike Cell Phone Holder in Black and Red

Just got this super cool cell phone holder from my bike and I’ve been using it non-stop. It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. It was super easy to assemble and I love the colors. It works incredibly well. One of the main reasons I’m weary of cell phone holders is that I just don’t trust the clamp to actually keep my phone in place but this one comes with these rubber pieces that fit over the corners of the phone as well as the clamp so the phone is incredibly secure and I feel 100% safe riding around with my phone resting in the holder. It all seems to be well made and sturdy too, so I feel like it’s going to last me a really long time. I would definitely recommend this to any bike riders out there! Especially any out there like me who are directionally challenged and need to have their GPS open to get around, haha.



You can find this cell phone holder online at:


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