Aulexy B4 Soft Silicone Hand Held Facial Brush Set of 4

I’ve been using these silicone facial brushes for about two weeks now and I’m OBSESSED. I have no idea how I was cleansing my face before these!! Actually, I do. For awhile I used my hands which was a terrible way to wash my face. Then I switched to a wash cloth which was alright but too bulky. Then I started using a konjac sponge which I really liked but I felt like it didn’t do as good of a job of exfoliating my face as I wanted it to and it was so hard to clean out so I felt like it was unhygienic. These are perfect because they exfoliate super well without being too harsh AND are super easy to clean and sterilize so I know that I’m not contaminating my face!

They came on time, nicely packaged and looked exactly like the pictures online. They’re a lot softer than I had thought. I assumed that they would feel similar to my makeup cleaning eggs because they look very similar but they don’t FEEL similar at all. These are soft and pliable. You can run your finger across the “bristles” and they’re not hard at all, they’ll bend when you touch them and you can actually feel every one when you glide it across your face. It does such an amazing job at exfoliating because of it and they’re so easy to use! They come with a little spot for your fingers to rest in and everything, I’m so in love with these and I DEFINITELY recommend that everyone reading this go check them out right now! They’re so good and ridiculously inexpensive!

You can find this set online at:


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