Morganna’s Alchemy BellaTox Serum for Dry Skin

I’ve been using BellaTox from Morganna’s Alchemy for a while now to help with dry skin, dehydration, and wrinkles. It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. I really like it because it’s one of those products that you can actually feel working when you put it on, it’s definitely firming. It’s a clear gel consistency that doesn’t really have a scent and it hasn’t irritated my skin or left it feeling greasy which is awesome. I hear it’s good as a makeup primer too so I’m excited to try it because I’m basically always looking for a new primer. Overall I really like this product so far. I haven’t seen any huge results because I’ve only been using it for a short time but I like what I’ve seen and felt so far so I would definitely recommend it! Let me know if you’d like an update on this product after I’ve been using it for a full month!

You can purchase this online at:


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