Tortuga Life Bath Bombs Gift Set with Bonus Bubble Bath

Just got this set of six bath bombs from Tortuga Life and I’m so excited about it! They came on time, VERY nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. Immediately after I opened the box I could smell them and they smell AMAZING and they even included a bonus bottle of bubble bath soap!

The packaging is obviously stunning but the thing I love the most about these bombs are that they each have a specific scent and purpose. I included a picture of the “Choose your Moment…” care below so that you can see what they all do. Isn’t that so cool? So far I’ve only tried the one called “Inspiration” and it was HEAVEN!! It works just like any other bath bomb I’ve used, too. It wasn’t artificially colored so it will just turn your bath a little hazy and it fizzes and bubbles the same way other bombs do so you don’t have to worry about that. This set is so cute, it would be the perfect gift! I was so close to saving it for a gift but I couldn’t help myself, I love bath time too much not to take advantage. Thanks so much Tortuga!!

You can find this set online at



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