NaturCute Luxury 9-Piece Cotton Towel Set in Gray

I absolutely love my new towel set from NaturCute! It came on time, very nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. It’s made out of 100% cotton so they’re INCREDIBLY soft and I can’t believe how big the bath towels are! It’s usually pretty hard to fit a towel comfortably around my body without anything peeking out but these cover everything and it’s so comfortable! The set includes:

  • 2 Bath Towels
  • 2 Hand Towels 
  • 4 Washcloths 
  • 1 Bathroom Mat

The bathroom mat is like a one sided terrycloth mat so don’t expect one of the rubber bottomed mats with the absorbant carpeting, but it’s still really nice! The only thing I didn’t love about this set was that when it first arrived it smelled strange, almost like craft paint. But I washed them (which you should always do after buying towels anyway) and it was completely gone so it’s really not an issue. I would definitely recommend this set to anyone on the market for new bathroom towels!


You can find this set online at


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