When Crazy Bros Tees  offered to send me this mug to try out and review I was so excited because I think it’s hilarious and HAD to have it!! In case you’re not a huge Harry Potter fan, it usually says ‘expecto patronum’ (which is a spell), but this one says ESPRESSO patronum because it’s a coffee cup! It came nicely packaged up in bubble wrap and  in it’s own small box inside of the Amazon box so it was very secure and undamaged when it arrived. It looks exactly as pictured on Amazon, aswell. The glass is thick and the cup has weight to it but it isn’t uncomfortably heavy. It’s a standard sized white coffee mug with the design you see but it feels like it’s definitely well made. I love this cup so much and highly recommend it to any Potterheads out there!

You can find this mug online at Amazon.com/gp/product/B01MZ8HUUF