Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Dry Cat Food from Crowdtap

Crowdtap sent me this awesome bag of Hill’s Ideal Balance dry cat food and I’m so happy with it! This has quickly become one of our favorite cat food brands of all time! I noticed that she LOVED the taste of it, that’s for sure! Normally she doesn’t clean the bowl unless it’s a tuna treat (which isn’t super great for her) but with this she didn’t leave a single piece of the dry food left in her bowl and she ate it SO fast! She’s also immediately given me love after feeding her each time which is usually a sign she’s very thankful for the treat! She’s only eaten about half of the bag so I haven’t noticed any behavior changes but her coat feels soft and looks shiny and I know she loves it so I’m definitely going to be getting more for her!

**This post was sponsored by Hill’s as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. If you’re not aware of Crowdtap.com, it’s a website that will sometimes give you free products from companies in exchange for an honest review. It’s really cool, you should sign up if you haven’t already!


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