Circo Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

I just got this GPS tracker about a week ago and I love it so much!! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. I initially got it to keep track of my kitty but she didn’t like having it hanging from her caller because it’s a bit big for her. I would recommend this for dogs but it’s not great for cats because it’s about the size of an eyeshadow pot. (sorry if you’re not sure what size that is, I couldn’t think of anything else lol!) So now I’m using it in the car because that way, if it ever gets stolen, I’ll know exactly where it is! This would also be super cool to have on your key rings if you’re constantly losing your keys like I am, haha.

It’s reallyt easy to set up too, which I appreciate so much because I’m usually pretty dense when it comes to new tech. It works with your phone’s sim card so all you have to do is pop that in, charge it up, install the free app on your phone (it walks you through the process) and start tracking! The battery that lasts up to 6 days which is AWESOME because if I had to charge it every night I would definitely forget. It’s also pretty cool because multiple people can follow multiple trackers so if you put this on your kid’s backpack or something you and your partner can both keep track of where they are. Oh, and it has a panic button! If anything happens to your child they can push the button and it will immediately send an SMS message to your phones and let you know where they’re at. I think this is the coolest thing, I would definitely recommend it to anybody out there! Literally for any reason, your keys, your purse, anything incredibly valuable, your car, your children, your pets.. you can keep track of anything with this thing!

You can find this tracker online at


One thought on “Circo Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

  1. I have a question because I am looking at this on Amazon right now. So I have to take my sim card out of my phone, put it in the GPS tracker and then what? How do I use my phone if my sim card is in the tracking device? Any input will help. Thanks 😀


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