Nature’s Brand Herbal, Vegetarian, Organic Capsules


I was really excited when I got this bottle of Rest-Aid to try out because I use some sort of sleep aid almost every night and I’m always searching for something better. They came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. I have had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep since I was a teenager. I’ve talked to my doctor about it and been prescribed so many different medications for sleep but I never liked any of them because they either didn’t work, worked too well (knocked me out so quickly and hard that I would fall asleep sitting up or not change positions all night and wake up sore), didn’t keep me asleep all night, or made it REALLY difficult to wake up in the morning. This sleep aid is different because it kind of lulls you to sleep. You start to really calm down and your mood changes and then you start to get tired enough to sleep, it’s not an immediate knock out so I really like that. Also, it kept me asleep all night but I didn’t wake up sore from sleeping in one position all night so I must have been moving around in my sleep which is good! The best part is I woke up at a reasonable time without feeling super groggy all day!! So far I’m really loving these! Haven’t used them long enough to find out if you eventually build up any resistance to them but I’ll check back in once I’m finished with the bottle to update my review if there are any changes in my opinion. The only downsides I’ve noticed is that if you drink A LOT of coffee these won’t work as well (which is true for most sleeping aids) and that they smell SO bad!! I don’t notice a taste really but the smell is terrible. It’s worth it for the results, though. Like I said, so far, I’m loving these and I highly recommend them to anyone with sleep issues!!

You can find these online at


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