Electric Callus Remover & Shaver By Aristo Beauty Care

I’ve been using this electronic, rechargeable callus remover from Aristo Beauty Care for about two weeks now and I’m completely in love! In came on time, nicely packaged, looked exactly like the pictures online, and included everything you would need to recharge it AND a replacement head. I’m kind of obsessive about keeping my feet smooth so I already have two electric callus removers but this one is my favorite BY FAR. It’s really powerful but not dangerously so. It cuts down the time I spend filing my heels by at least half because it’s that much more powerful than my other callus removers. I also love the shape! Usually the shaver is horizontal which is a bit uncomfortable to use but because this one’s head is vertical it’s super easy to use! My favorite part of this is that it has a light!! I hate having to make sure I’m in good lighting and sitting in the right direction to be able to see the bottom of my foot but since this has it’s own light that turns on when you turn the callus remover on you don’t have to worry about that! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good callus remover!

You can find this serum online at Amazon.com/dp/B01M5GIGZB?th=1


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