Dark Green Contact Lenses from Lens Circle

I just got my second EVER pair of colored contact lenses from LensCircle.com and I’m OBSESSED!! The first time I ever tried color contact lenses they were a cheap pair that I literally bought at a liquor store next to where I worked at the time. I knew they weren’t going to be amazing or anything but I had no idea just how terrible they would be. They were SO hard to get in my eyes, they hurt really bad, made my eyes water, and they didn’t even turn my eyes green! They kind of just made my eyes darker, it was a total bust and I swore off contacts then and there. Then I got the opportunity to try out this pair from Lens Circle and my experience was 1000% better!

They came on time, very nicely packaged (with an adorable cow print bag!), and looked exactly like the pictures online. They came in these tiny little vials full of contact solution and all you had to do was open them up and pour them out into the contact case which was included. They were pretty easy to put in (I had a little trouble figuring it out and had to watch a YouTube video, but once I saw someone do it it was easy! Comment below if you want a link to the video I watched, it made things super simple.) and they didn’t irritate my eyes really. For about 30 seconds after putting them in my eyes watered a bit and turned pink but then my eyes adjusted and they were super comfortable!! The best part? They actually worked! I included pictures below. The top was taken without lenses and the bottom was taken with lenses about 10 minutes later. Look at how green my eyes look, I’m in love! I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking to try out some new eye colors! I browsed the website and there were so many different color options, there’s something for everyone. Next I’m going for grey!


You can find these lenses online at LensCircle.com


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