Hair Loss Treatment Spray from Hair Dance

I just got this new spray from Hair Dance that’s supposed to help with hair loss and I’m really excited to use it! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. I don’t have any bald spots of anything like that to worry about, but my hair is definitely thinner than it used to be. I’ve been looking for products to help with fullness and this seems to be a product that will definitely help with that. On the website the description says it’s supposed to:

  • Stimulate, support, and energize hair follicles.
  • Promote healthy hair growth.
  • Boost the length and thickness of the hair.
  • Extend life cycle and increases growth of the follicles.
  • Promotes healthy scalp with anti-inflammatory ingredients.

It has great packaging, it smells great, and doesn’t irritate the skin on my scalp! It smells very natural, like essential oils. I assume it has a mix of essential oils in it among other things because I definitely recognize some of the scents and they’re really nice! I haven’t been using this long enough to see any dramatic differences but I’m excited to keep using it! Let me know if you want an update on my progress after I’ve been using it for a longer period of time!

You can purchase this spray online at


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