Indy Chef 5 Quart Salad Spinner with Lid & Knife

Honestly when I first got this, I had no idea what a salad spinner was. I had heard the name, but I couldn’t tell you it’s function at all. Why would you spin a salad? Haha. Now I know what it’s for and I love it!! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. So for those of you who are just as confused as I was, a salad spinner is mainly for cleaning your ingredients in a more efficient way. This spinner comes with literally everything you would need to make a salad (minus the veggies, lol). First off, it comes with a complimentary lettuce knife which is the first step. It’s made of plastic which is better for your salad because cutting lettuce with a metal knife will make the edges wilt and turn brown. Then, you toss all of the lettuce and any other vegetable ingredients into the green strainer and run it under some water to wash it off. Once you’re done you toss the whole thing (strainer and all) into the 5 quart bowl and put the spinning lid back on and start spinning! You’ll see all of the water flying off of the salad and into the bottom of the bowl which leaves your salad much dryer and completely ready to eat! Then, you can take the strainer out of the bowl, dump the water, and put the salad into the bowl for storage or serving! All set! It even comes with a lid which is perfect for storing in the refrigerator. I love the lid also because you can put the dressing on top of the salad, put the lid back on, and shake the bowl so all of the dressing coats the salad! I completely love having this set and would definitely recommend it!!

Indy chef has been kind enough to offer all of us 30% off of your purchase! Click the link below to get your coupon!

You can find this online at



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