Millk Bebe E-Gift Card

So I just got a free $25 gift card from this website called Millk Bebe and I’m really excited about it! I had never heard of the website before and wasn’t sure what was going to be available and I found out that they basically have something for everyone. If you have a baby or know someone who’s expecting, they have LOADS of baby and toddler clothes to purchase. If you don’t, you can purchase one of their gift cards! They have gift cards to stores like Target, Rue 21, Michaels, and a bunch more! Their gift cards are out of stock right now so I haven’t received mine but I’ll update the post as soon as I do with what I was able to buy! I’m planning on getting the Target gift card because everyone who knows me knows I’m at Target every day of my life so it just makes sense. Thanks Millk Bebe!!

Right now, their Millk Bebe E-gift cards are out of stock but once they’re back in stock you can find them at



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