Youvimi Retro Floral Print 2 Piece Swimsuit

I just got this two piece bathing suit in the mail from Youvimi and I was SO excited because it’s one of the cutest swimsuits I’ve ever seen but, unfortunately, it doesn’t quite fit. Such a bummer because once I put it on I never wanted to take it out but their customer service team is AMAZING so I’m getting a replacement ASAP and in the meantime I wanted to let everyone know about this anyway because it’s too cute not to talk about!

It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. The material is thick and nice, unlike some cheap bathing suits you sometimes find on Amazon. This one is great quality and I love that the edges don’t dig into your skin. My favorite part about this suit, besides the print, is that the bottoms are reversible so you can wear them striped (above) or with the print (below) depending on your taste. I also love that the strap is removable AND adjustable, that’s always appreciated. I’m  usually a US size 16-18 so I got the suit in a size XL which the size chart said would be a 16-18 but it doesn’t fit my chest at all and the whole thing is just a bit too snug and uncomfortable so if you’re interested in purchasing the suit I would definitely recommend sizing up so that it fits you perfectly! Isn’t this the cutest piece for Summer, though? I can’t wait to be back at the river!

You can find this bathing suit online at


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