LED Plant Grow Light from ACKE

Just got this awesome grow light and I love it! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. Before you ask if I got this to grow weed, the answer is no (although it would finally be legal because I live in California!). I have a plant that’s home is in my bedroom above a bookshelf in a semi-dark corner that doesn’t get much sun and I’m sick of having to drag it outside once a week for sunlight. I thought this might help because the internet says grow lights work great as a source of artificial light and will help your indoor plants grow. I’m not an avid gardener so I don’t know much about this product other then that when I plug it in, it works, and I love the pink light. I’ll include some info from the website below if you’re interested, as well as the link to light. I really love it, though, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone struggling with keeping their indoor plants alive, whatever those plants may be! Lol.

-FULL SPECTRUM LED GROW LIGHTS–Red 630nm and 660nm, Blue:460nm and White light 2700K. – Suitable for all stages of growth,especially suitable for seedlings’ growth.
-LOW HEAT OUTPUT–Don’t worry even close to the lamp your tender flowers will not burn.
-WATERPROOF–NO more worrying when watering your plants.
-ADJUSTABLE ANGLE–Rotatable bracket for easily adjusting angles.
-EASY INSTALLATION:–US plug with switch and long cable for easy and quick installation.

BEST FOR: Indoor garden, grow tent, grow room, greenhouse, aquarium for hydroponics, plant grow, seed breeding, flower blooming during cold winter and spring or gloomy days.


*LED Emitting Color: 2700K, 660nm, 630nm, 460nm
*LED Chip Quantity: 40pcs
*Plug: US standard 2-pin – plug and use in seconds
*Input Voltage: AC110V
*Frequency: 60 Hz
*Rated Power: 12W
*Rated Lifetime: 50,000 Hours
*Gross Weight: 0.4kg/1pc

(two pictures above belong to ACKE)

You can find this light online at Amazon.com/gp/product/B01LX1EO3W


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