Soniclear Petite from Michael Todd Beauty

I started using the Soniclear Petite from Michael Todd Beauty about two weeks ago and I’m OBSESSED, I don’t think I’ll ever use anything else to wash my face ever again. Previously I had tried face scrubbers, silicone exfoliators, konjac sponges, etc. and NONE of them even come close to comparing with the Soniclear Petite. Before I get into it I want to note that it came on time, very nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. It has a bunch of different color & pattern options but I went with a bright blue because I thought it was cute and would match my bathroom best. Some of the features include:

  • Power Control Handle. Produces up to 300 sonic movements per second for 6x better cleansing than with hands alone.
  • Antimicrobial Daily Cleanse Brush. Gentle, effective daily cleansing brush. Brush bristles are sized and uniquely rounded at the tip for gentle, effective daily cleansing. Antimicrobial for stain and odor causing bacteria protection.
  • Multiple Speeds. 3 sonic speeds for a customizable cleansing experience for your specific skin type and skin concerns.
  • Cleansing Timer. Built in automatic timer beeps to remind you to move to next cleansing area.
  • Cordless and Rechargeable. Provides up to 2+ Hours of continuous use on a single charge – *USB wall plug not included
  • Waterproof. Fully waterproof for use in the shower and bath.
  • Drying Stand. Upright cradle for drying and charging
  • Antimicrobial Product Protection for Brush. Safe, effective and long lasting LIFE Antimicrobial Product Protection is built into the brush head to protect against stain and odor causing bacteria so brushes stay cleaner, fresher for longer. Won’t wash out or wear off for the life of the brush.
  • Warranty. The Soniclear Petite has an industry leading 3 year limited warranty against defects.

I was worried that the brush would be too rough because I’ve tried manual face brushes before and they were, but this isn’t. I was amazed at how soft it was. For those of you who use makeup, think about the first time you used a nice makeup brush from Mac after using cheap brushes you picked up at Dollar General from Wet n’ Wild or some off brand. The difference is huge, lol. I love how it feels on my face and somehow it didn’t go flinging soap into my eyes like I thought it might. Sometimes if I take my electric toothbrush out of my mouth before I turn it off, toothpaste goes everywhere but that didn’t happen with this brush which I obviously appreciated a lot. I love that the brush has three different settings because I like the change the speeds based on which part of my face I’m cleansing. Also, it beeps at you to let you know when you can move on to the next section of your face so you never have to guess if you’ve properly cleansed, it tells you! Honestly I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this brush or even see a difference because, after all, I’m still using the same soap. I wasn’t sure if using a vibrating brush would really make that big of a difference but it has honestly been DRAMATIC. I have acne prone skin and my breakouts have been clearing up since I started using this and I haven’t had any new breakouts at all. I’m in love with it and I would 100% recommend it to anyone who asked me. This brush is changing my skin and I LOVE it. Like I said, I don’t think I’m ever using anything else on my face again!!

You can find the Soniclear Petite online at



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