I just started using this Hello Cutie exfoliating charcoal cleanser from Glam Essential and I really like it!! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. I’ve been using charcoal face masks for a long time now because I love what it does for my skin but to be honest, 6/7 days I’m usually too busy or too tired to do a face mask so with this cleanser you get all the same benefits of a charcoal mask without having to set aside twenty minutes a day and I love that! It does a great job at cleansing, it hasn’t irritated my skin at all, and my face feels SO soft after I’m done cleansing so I love it!! I would definitely recommend this cleanser to anyone who’s interested in using a charcoal skincare product!

You can find this cleanser online at Amazon.com/dp/B01M5JHJFU