Pink & Blue Leather Analog Quartz Watches

I just got these watches from Aposon for my niece and they’re so cute, she’s going to love them! They came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. They came in really nice brown boxes that are made for watches so when you open them, they’re on display and the bands are wrapped around underneath so the watches don’t lose their shape. I love packaging like this because it makes it that much better as a gift, which is what these watches are! They seem like they’re great quality watches, too which I really appreciate since my niece is only six and can be a bit rough with her things.

I love the designs and the leather bands are so nice! They’re technically not made for kids but I thought she would love them because of the hearts and she’s learning how to tell time right now so they’re the perfect gift. I would recommend these to any woman who’s looking for a cute watch and definitely any parents out there with a kid who’s either learning to tell the time or just wants a cute accessory!

You can find these watches online below.




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