INNX Car Restraint Safety Seat Belt for Dogs

Just got this dog seat belt in the mail from INNX and I’m so excited! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. I don’t have a dog but my sister has a VERY big pit bull who loves to go places with her so I got it for her. Obviously these are great for keeping your pet safe but what I really got it for was my own safety! Every time I go somewhere with my sister Moose (her dog) is always so excited and jumping all over the place! No matter what we try, we can’t keep him in the back seat and he doesn’t understand that he can’t stand on Mom’s lap or flip his tail in her face! I’m worried that he’s going to get us in an accident so I thought this would help and it definitely does! Now he has to stay in his seat so he won’t cause an accident and if we DO get into an accident he’ll be safe because he’s strapped in! I would definitely recommend this to any dog owners out there!

You can find this online at


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