EUNECTES 24 Color Watercolor Paint Set with Brush

I’ve been playing around with this 24 pan watercolor set from EUNECTES and I really love it! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. It comes in a really nice plastic case that has separators in the top so you can mix colors and I always love when sets come with that because you know the company was really thinking about the artists who are going to be using their sets so thank you! I love that all of the pans are removable so you can replace colors that have run out quicker than the rest and you don’t have to have multiple sets out at one time. I also really appreciate that it came with a full tube of white AND a really nice watercolor brush that I can actually use! It’s really soft and easy to work with so this is the first brush I won’t be throwing away from a kit, lol. Anyway I’m really happy with the set. The colors are beautiful, vibrant, and very easy to work with so I would definitely recommend it to any artists out there!

You can find this set online at



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