Baby Bottle Dish Drying Rack from Kuddly Kids

I just got this ADORABLE drying rack from Kuddly Kids that looks like fresh grass, isn’t it so cute?? It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. It’s supposed to be good for drying small things that tend to not stand up on their own like baby bottles, pacifiers, etc. but it can definitely be used for anything small!! Shot glasses, small cups & jars, anything! I think it’s the cutest because it basically hides the drying rack. When there’s no dishes in it, it just looks like decor and I LOVE that! It’s super easy to clean too. It comes in three pieces. The white tray at the bottom & then the “grass” is two separate pieces. You take them out and dump out the water that dripped from your dishes, if you’re wondering how it actually works. I really want to keep this for myself but my friend just had a baby and I feel like this would be really useful for her so I might pass it on but I would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially any parents out there!

You can find this rack online at


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