Baby Wrap Carrier from iCarryBaby

So if you’re wondering why I’ve been posting about so many baby products lately, the answer is no! I’m not pregnant! But my good friend just had her first child and I’ve been getting her a bunch of cute stuff to help her out as much as possible! Today, I got her this adorable little baby sling/carrier from iCarryBaby so that she never has to put her baby down! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. It’s INCREDIBLY soft and she says it’s really comfortable to wear because it wraps around you for support instead of hanging around your neck like others do. It even has a convenient pocket in the front so she can keep her baby things in it like pacifiers & baby wipes.. whatever she needs! She loves it so much and they both basically live in it now. She says it’s made things so much easier for her and she loves that she can use her hands if she needs to. If somebody calls her, she doesn’t have to find somewhere to put the baby down AND it’s eliminated the fear of dropping the baby that she always has. Her baby loves it too, it’s really soft so I’m sure he’s comfortable in there and he doesn’t seem to have any issues sleeping! Anyway, they’re really happy to have it so I would definitely recommend it to any new parents out there!

You can find this carrier online at



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