Maybelline 24K Nudes Voxbox from Influenster

I got this palette for free from Influenster in one of their voxboxes and I was SO excited to try it out but it didn’t live up to my expectations, exactly. The packaging is STUNNING and the shades are gorgeous in the pan but when swatched they’re all a bit too similar and only half of the palette has decent pigmentation. The half that does have good pigmentation I really like, but the half that doesn’t is almost unusable. The purple shade from the palette was my least favorite because it was a shade I was really excited for. Unfortunately, it’s too muddy. I expected a nice vibrant plum shade but in reality it’s almost brown.

My favorite shade BY FAR, on the other hand, is the gold!! It’s SO pigmented, so easy to swatch, and super easy to apply. It even shows up on top of other shadows. You really don’t even need to wet your brush to get it to look intense and metallic, it’s such an awesome shade and I currently don’t have any shades like it so I’m really happy with it!! I also like the black because it has these really pretty flecks of gold glitter in it which I thought was really interesting. I have enough black shadows so it was nice that this palette did something a little different and I feel like if I had done a halo eye with the black & gold shades it would have been STUNNING. Overall I like the palette but it’s just okay. I think I prefer the blushed nudes palette to this one but it’s hard to say because that gold shade is too good!!

They also sent me the Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara and this mascara is SO good!!! I honestly don’t play around with too many mascaras because I already have my favorites (too faced BTS & the loreal voluminous in carbon black) but this is definitely a new favorite! The formula is good but the wand is awesome and I think it’s what does most of the work. It’s really thin, curved, and only has bristles on one side. It’s also super easy to apply because you don’t need to wiggle or anything, you just start at the base and drag it up and you’re done! It does clump a bit so you probably will have to apply two coats to fan them out more but I love it!!!

Along with the mascara and the palette I got the Lasting Drama gel eyeliner pencil in the shade ‘Silken Turquoise’ and I absolutely love it! It’s super pigmented, metallic, goes on smoothly and DOES. NOT. BUDGE. Even in the waterline it didn’t bleed or fade, it’s awesome!! Probably my new favorite colored eye pencil at the drugstore. 

Thanks so much to Influenster and Maybelline for sending me these awesome products!!


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