AirMix Transparent iPhone 7 Case from VICXXO

VICXXO sent me this phone case for the iPhone 7 a week or two ago and I’ve been testing it out ever since and I really love it! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. It’s thick but not too bulky or heavy so it doesn’t weigh your phone down but it provides enough protection to your phone if you drop it. It’s also really sleek and looks great on the phone. I love that it’s transparent in the back so you can still see the Apple logo but black on the sides so it doesn’t stand out. I haven’t tried dropping the phone from the top of the stairs or anything but I’ve dropped it from reasonable heights on to carpet, tile, linoleum, and concrete and it’s held up every time. Neither the phone OR the case is scratched or cracked which is awesome so I would definitely recommend this to any iPhone 7 users out there!

You can find this case online at


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