Lé Edge ULTRA Face and Body Exfoliator

I was super skeptical about this product the first time I saw it online but about a year ago I decided to try it and I ordered the pink one. I remember that I was surprised at how well it worked! It’s been over a year and my pink one is still going strong but I just picked up this white one from them for my brother and he loves it too! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. It feels and looks about the same as the one I have so I don’t think there are any differences in the white and pink versions so it’s really just about preference of color. For those of you who don’t remember my first review, I’ll fill you in. This is an exfoliator for the face and body that you don’t have to scrub with!  I, personally, don’t use this on my face because I use the Soniclear Petite from Michael Todd Beauty RELIGIOUSLY for my face but for my body and feet this is so good! It reminds me of using a razor to shave, and that’s essentially how I use it. I usually start on my legs and run it up, cleaning it off before each stroke, and it really does remove a LOT of dead skin!! It works especially well on your feet because there tends to be a lot more dead skin there. I like to soak my feet first so it’s easier to remove. I usually take a 20 minute bath and then use this on my feet and they’re baby soft again, it’s awesome. I also LOVE it for my underarms! This may be a little TMI but I feel like regular scrubbers aren’t very good at removing my deodorant, even with soap. I have to do a lot of scrubbing and then the deodorant sticks to the scrubber and I don’t want to wash the rest of my body once it has goopy deodorant all over it. This tool scrapes ALL of the deodorant off super easy and because of the steel edge the deodorant slides right off when I’m done so I know the tool is clean and okay to use on the rest of my body. My  brother is super excited to have it too, he says he loves it for his underarms and feet the best too but he even uses it on his face and it got a five star approval rating from him so I’d say if you’re thinking about purchasing one, definitely do it! I highly, highly recommend it!!

Find it online at Amazon.com/dp/B0056JVQ8A



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