Infruition 700ml Fruit Infused Water Bottle

I just got this water bottle from Infruition yesterday and I LOVE it! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. From  the pictures, you might think this is just an ordinary water bottle but it. is. not. It comes with it’s own water infuser built right into it! If you know me in real like you know I LOVE infused water. My favorite is cucumber, lemon, and mint leaves. It’s so good and it makes drinking really boring, healthy water a lot more fun and bearable. You can even make fruity water with oranges or strawberries! It’s really easy to use. Just fill the cage inside with whatever your heart desired (it can even be tea for fresh, sun brewed tea) and then add water and wait for it to fully flavor the water. The bottle itself is really nice quality too. On days when you don’t have time, you can even just use this as a regular water bottle. I’m super happy with it so I would definitely recommend it to any infused water lovers out there!

You can find this online at


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