Padded Shaping Underwear from Everbellus

This is my second pair of shapewear from Everbellus and I love this pair just as much as my last, if not more! I think I like these more because they’re SO soft and they’re high waisted so they do a better job at shaping than the regular fit underwear I tried first. They’re both great at adding a bit of volume to the bottom though, so that’s awesome! This pair came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. I was worried it wouldn’t fit because I’m usually a size XL and these only came in a L or under but (thankfully) they were pretty stretchy so I was able to squeeze into them fine. If anything, it only helps contain and shape. They seem to be very nicely made so I feel like they’re going to last me a long time, too. The best part is, they’re comfortable! Sometimes shapewear can be either so constraining that you feel like you can’t sit down or breath or be so loose that it’s not actually holding anything in but these fall right in the middle and do a great job! I’m really happy with them so far and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good pair of shaping underwear!

You can find this piece online at


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