Silver Digital Kitchen Scale from Alisten

Just got this new kitchen scale from Alisten and it’s really nice! It came on time, nicely packaged, looked exactly like the pictures online, and even came with batteries. It’s very well made, too, I’m really impressed! I thought it might be cheap painted plastic or something but it actually seems to be made out of stainless steel or something similar. It has a nice weight to it but it’s not too heavy so you can still carry it around. Its supposed to be used in the kitchen for meal portions and such and it works for that, but that’s not the reason I wanted it. I sell clothes and other items on Depop and I’ve been needing a scale for a long time to gauge shipping prices. In the past I’ve been going to office stores and using their scales but that’s such a hassle. With this I can weigh all my clothes and shipping supplies and I’m able to print out my labels right at home! It seems to be accurate too because none of my packages have been returned to me so I’m really happy with it and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good scale!!

You can find this scale online at


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