LOVE MORE Iron-On Patches & Bumper Sticker

I just got these LOVE MORE patches and bumper stickers from LOVE MORE Los Angeles and I’m completely… in LOVE. They came on time, very nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. Aren’t they so cute? I love the simple black and white design and basic text. It’s straight, to the point, and powerful.


The brand says “This positive and inspirational quote can be a political, peaceful, religious, military, American, hippie, or a life nature message. LOVEMORE products are a cool statement of art and graphic design that will never go out of style or fashion. They are an inspirational banner encouraging the most political, impactful and spiritual message of all, LOVE MORE.” and I think that’s beautiful!! Those of you who know me in real life or follow my personal accounts know that I’m a part of the LGBTQIA+ community and June just so happens to be Pride month so these came just in time!! To me, these are the perfect political statement because Pride month is all about proclaiming and owning the fact that LGBT+ people are deserving of LOVE and have a right to LOVE in any way we want. Not only that, but we’re asking to not just be tolerated by non-LGBT+ people, but loved and respected. It’s kind of a cool statement, too, because that’s just my interpretation of it. That’s my message, but it could mean something completely different to you. It could be calling for more love between political parties, it could be calling for people to just love one another more, it could be anything! It’s whatever you want, whatever speaks to you. I love how universal and human it is.


As for the products themselves, they’re really well made! The patches are iron-on which I really appreciate because it makes them goof-proof for people like me who aren’t the best at sewing but you could definitely sew these on aswell. I put them on my denim jackets but I also think they would look super cool on a hat! The bumper sticker is .. well it’s just a bumper sticker! Nothing really to speak of there, it.. sticks well? Lol. I love the way it looks though and I currently have it on the back of my laptop because I don’t have a car. Love More Los Angeles also has a set of mini-stickers available on Amazon if you’re looking for something a bit smaller!


Check out to see everything they have and read more about their message!


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