Beaded Lanyard & Badge Reel from Boojee Beads

I just got this ADORABLE beaded lanyard and broach-like badge reel from Boojee Beads and I LOVE them! They came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. If you don’t know what a lanyard is, it’s basically like a necklace but on the end of it is a clip that you can attach your name badge or ID to. A badge reel is basically the same thing but you clip it onto your shirt instead or wearing it around your neck. Usually, though, lanyards and badge reels are pretty boring. I’m sure you’ve seen some attached to keys or something.. they’re usually a single color and made out of nylon or something. They’re not cute at all and they throw off all of your outfits but these are super cute and fashionable so you don’t have to throw off your outfits anymore!!

The necklace has a bunch of pretty, different sized and colored beads surrounded by gold and the chain is gold plated as well, I love it. The badge reel is my favorite though because the big stone in the middle is white and milky. It’s kind of iridescent, it’s so gorgeous. They both seem to be well made and I’ve been wearing them off and on for about a week now and neither of them have broken. The lanyard hasn’t left my neck green and it hasn’t chipped or tarnished which I obviously appreciate and I’ve already got a few questions and compliments about both pieces! I’m in love with them and I would highly recommend them!!

You can find this lanyard at and the badge reel at


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