LaiFug 100% Catnip Filled Fish-shaped Cat Toys

I got two of these fish shaped cat toys from LaFuig about two weeks ago and we’ve been having so much fun with them! They came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. I wasn’t sure if my cat was even going to like them honestly because it says online that they’re filled with 100% catnip and she’s never been a big cat nip fan. She doesn’t hate it, she’s just kind of indifferent to it. She’s never liked playing with stuffed toys either, she prefers things that move so she cat chase them so I thought these were going to be a waste of time but NOPE! She’s IN LOVE with these toys!!

The blue one arrived in the mail first and when I got it I immediately ran outside to test it out. I put it next to her and she gave it a sniff and then IMMEDIATELY dropped down and started rubbing her face all over it, it was adorable! I wish I could upload videos on here because it’s so cute to watch! Anyway, she did that for a few days. She would just rub on it and a lot of times I would catch her napping with it, she was pretty pleased with it. I thought the second one was going to be the same, just a different color, but I guess not because she reacted totally different! This one made her really feisty! She was biting it and kicking it with her back legs, it was so funny! So now at nap times she gets the blue fish and at play time she gets the red fish, lol. She’s really happy with them, I’ve never seen her play with toys for so long! It’s been two weeks and she’s just as excited when I pull them out today as she was the first day we got them so I would DEFINITELY recommend them to any cat owners out there!

You can find these cat toys at the links below:




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