Leader Accessories 4pc. Ribbed Twin Eyes Boat Fenders

I just got this set of four boat fenders from Leader Accessories and they’re awesome! They came on time, very nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. In case you’re wondering.. no, I don’t have a boat! Lol, I’m sure you all could have guessed that just by taking one look at me. Also I’m deathly afraid of the ocean because SHARKS EXIST but my good friend Eric DOES have a boat so I thought these would be awesome for him. I let him pick out the size and colors (there’s a bunch of different options if you’re interested) and then when they were delivered he came and picked them up from me immediately to go test them out.

For those of you that don’t know what these are, they’re basically these inflatable, floating bumpers that you tie to the sides of your boat. They minimize the risk of your boat rolling over if the waters are rough AND they prevent damage when you’re near the dock or other boats because whatever you hit you’ll just bounce off of. The set is really nice because not only does it come with the 4 fenders, it also comes with 4 fender lines to tie them to the boat and a pump to inflate them! Also (and obviously I can’t attest to this because I’m not a boat person, lol) Eric says they’re really nice because of the reinforced rope holes on both ends of the fenders. According to the website they’re “marine-grade vinyl” and UV-resistant so that’s awesome! He’s been using them for almost a week now and he says he’s really happy with them! They were easy to tie on, they’re super secure, and they’ve held up nicely! If you’re interested in protecting your boat, I would definitely check these out!

You can find this set online at Amazon.com/dp/B06XG486CT


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